Why is a good idea for your child to play social netball?

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Why is a good idea for your child to play social netball?

As a parent, you want your children to become healthy and beautiful adults. However, in order for this to happen, it is essential you nurture the love for sports in them. One very popular sport nowadays you can enrol your child into is netball and believe it or not, there are countless benefits that come with playing social netball London. Below in this article you will find listed the most important ones.


It helps them stay in shape

Many children nowadays suffer from obesity due to all the fast food and junk food they eat on a daily basis and to lack of physical exercise. Many studies show how this affects the health in a bad way, so there is no need to get in details here. In order to prevent your children from suffering from various illnesses or health issues due to obesity, it is best to enrol them in netball. This is a very intense sport that keeps the players on the move throughout the entire game, which obviously helps your little one stay in great shape.

It improves their social skills

Another very good reason why you should consider netball for your child is that it helps them improve their social skills. Netball is a team game and each team has a number of seven players on-court. This is very beneficial for your little one, as it teaches them how to behave inside a team, what team-spirit is and how to communicate with the other members of the team. Their social skills will significantly improve this way.

It improves their coordination and fast reaction

Since the number of players is limited to seven per team, the game is quite intense and everything happens at high speed. However, this also works in your child’s advantage in the sense that it helps them improve their fast reaction. They have to stay focused during the entire game and pay attention not only to their teammates, but also to the moves of their opponents, so they have to think and act very fast.

As it can be seen, netball is one of the best options you can resort to if you want to encourage your children do physical exercises on a regular basis. All skills mentioned above that can improve as a result of playing netball will help your child grow and develop as a person and will be extremely useful later on in life as well.