Mistakes that could cost you your unemployment benefits in France

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Mistakes that could cost you your unemployment benefits in France

You cannot come to work anyone. Your boss has fired you, how could you possibly come back? The thing is that you were not expecting this punch. You have relocated to the other side of the world, given your best, and sacrificed hours of sleep. All for nothing. At this point, it is important not to let your emotions overcome you. Being laid off is not the worst thing in the world. It happens even to the best of people. Do you think that Steve Jobs was never fired? Of course, he was. Now that you do not have a job anymore, you have to collect unemployment benefits. You need an income to live on. Equally important is not to lose your unemployment benefits. A few simple mistakes can cost you your income. Avoid making these mistakes.


Not looking for a job

The situation of unemployed people is not bad in France. As a matter of fact, they are more than capable of making ends meet, even though they do not have a job. But you know this very well. You have dared to telephone allocations chomage 93 and now you enjoy unemployment benefits. If you of not want to be cut off of Pôle Emploi’s list, you have to actively search for work. Yes, in order to receive unemployment benefits, you have to seek employment. When you register with the unemployment line, you commit to finding a job in an active manner. What happens if you do not send out your resume is that you lose your social welfare. You should not lie about looking for work. Make efforts to find a job.

Refusing employment offers

You are not in the position to decline job offers. At least, this is what the Pôle Emploi says. Unemployed people cannot refuse more than 2 employment opportunities. Those who do so are sanctioned. Not only can you lose your unemployment benefits, but also you can be required to give back the money you received. When you are collecting unemployment benefits, you are not able to refuse job offers, especially if the offer is deemed as suitable employment. Whether you are offered a full-time job or a part-time one, accept it. At one point or another, you will have to do something.

Not keeping your information updated

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. If you change your phone number or your address, you have to inform the Pôle Emploi right away. If the employment center does not know your new contact information, they will not send over the unemployment benefits. Updating your contact information can be realized in a couple of minutes. All you have to do is access your case and make the necessary changes. Pôle Employ offers online services too, so you do not even have to leave home. Do this and you will not have any problems.

Do not say that you have not been warn. Avoid making the aforementioned mistakes and you will be fine. Moe precisely, you will not lose your unemployment benefits.

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How to get your children to spend time outdoors – Tips and tricks

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How to get your children to spend time outdoors – Tips and tricks


Convincing a child to spend more time outdoors nowadays is more than difficult. Laptops, tablets and smartphones make this task considerably harder and dealing with their unwillingness to spend time in outdoors might be more than a dreadful task. However, getting them into hobbies like 5 aside football in London, or even camping. Below are some simple tips and tricks that might help you in your process.

1. Amateur football games

Tell your child to gather all their friends and form teams for amateur football. Some vendors offer all the necessary equipment. Alternatively, you could use these mini leagues for bonding stronger relationships with your family members as it’s very likely for none of them to get involved in such sports. However, for children, football has many benefits. It will increase your endurance and their cardiovascular capacity and it will help them grow and develop in a healthy fashion. Also, playing football has the capacity to prevent obesity, since it involves plenty of movements and repetitions. If you want to grow healthy and happy children and to get them into spending time outside, this sport is magnificent!

2. Take them camping.

Although you might hear plenty of complaints previously to your incursion, don’t give up. One you reach the camping spot, your children will love it. Ideally, you would start doing this at a fragile age, as they are more likely to grow passionate about it. This way, they will become used to spend time in nature, and they ultimately despise staying indoors with a smartphone in their hands. Teach them some camping basics, such as installing a tent or lighting a fire. These notions will come in handy.

3. Book them swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are perfect if you want to get your children passionate about living an active life. Swimming comes with plenty of health benefits, from helping them to develop a healthy bone system, cardiac system and muscle system. Also, swimming will certainly protect their fragile joints as no pressure will be on them.

4. Dog walking as a hobby

Dog walking is perfect if you want to teach your children a lesson about money, and help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Teach them at a young age the advantages of making their own money and they will thank you for it later in life.

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Selecting the right window repairs company – main criteria

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Selecting the right window repairs company – main criteria


There are situations and times when your house windows need urgent repairs. Whether they are cracked, chipped or too old to keep anymore and need replacement, you need to ensure that the window repair company you hire is a professional and trust-worthy one. For this, you may have to pay attention to these tips mentioned below that will help you choose the right uPVC window repairs company.

Professionalism – a must

One of the main criteria you need to consider when searching for a window repairs company is related to professionalism. It is mandatory that the company you hire has professional employees that can handle even the most challenging situations and are able to come up with the best solution to meet and even exceed homeowners’ expectations.

Vast experience

Another important criterion in the selection process is the company’s experience in the field. It is recommended that you check for how many years the company has provided window repairs and replacement services in order to get a clearer idea on the experience they have. It is also advisable that in your online research, you discuss with past customers about their own experiences with the window repairs company, to determine whether or not that firm is a reliable and trust-worthy one. Reading reviews can be of great help in making the right decision, so do not skip this step.

Competitive prices

Although you should not select a window repairs and replacement company solely based on the price criterion, this is a detail to be considered. After all, if you have a limited budget, you need to look for a company that fits within it, so that your finances won’t be seriously affected. For this, some quick online research will reveal you the companies available in your region operating in this industry and the prices they have for different types of services they provide.

Flexible schedule

Someone may have just broken into your house and your windows need immediate replacement, because you don’t want to spend the night on the couch ensuring there is no one coming into your house again. In such moments, you need a window repairs and replacement company that can come at the specified site as soon as possible, regardless of the time. A company that has flexible schedule and can do their work done in  the shortest time possible is a professional and reliable one that you should definitely consider hiring.

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Why hire a letting agent for your family rental business

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Why hire a letting agent for your family rental business


Letting agents have become quite a popular solution for both landlords who are looking for tenants and tenants who are searching for the right rental option. If you have been running a family rental business for quite some time, but you have confronted yourself with unreliable tenants on more than one occasion, perhaps hiring the services of a letting agent might the solution you needed. When searching for letting agents in Stapleford, you will come across a wide range of options, so finding a specialist that can provide you with the services you need will not be a difficult task. Here is what this type of pro can do for you:

Helps you find tenants fasters

If your building is not situated in the best neighbourhood, or your prices might be a bit higher than the regular tenant could afford paying, finding someone who desires to rent one of your apartments can be quite a long and tiring process. Well, because the majority of people looking for accommodation options nowadays resort to letting agents, hiring one yourself will give you the chance to find potential tenants much faster.

No more unreliable tenants

Although a person might seem reliable and trustworthy when your first meet, if you have been in business for a long time, you probably know by now that first impressions can sometimes be deceiving. If you collaborate with a letting agent, you will gain peace of mind knowing each tenant has underwent a proper screening process, and your apartments are being rented to the right people. This can save you from many future inconveniences.

Reducing stress

Finding potential tenants, showing them the property, dealing with numerous calls can be quite stressful, and because as a landlord, you already have so many responsibilities on your hands, finding ways to reduce stress is recommended. With the help of a letting agent, all the worries revolving the aspects mentioned above can be significantly lowered. So this is one strong reason to choose the help of this type of specialist.

As you can see, resorting to the service of a letting agent can be quite advantageous for your rental business, allowing you not only to find tenants in a short period of time, but to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy people as well. Now that you have learnt what such a pro can do for you, perhaps you will give more thought to the possibility of hiring one yourself. All you need to do is search online for the right option.

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Nursing home versus home care

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Nursing home versus home care

There comes a time in life when elderly people need special care for various reasons.  There are two types of senior care: nursing home and home care. Both are beneficial, although there are some differences between them. Here is what you need to know about both alternatives.


The place can influence a person’s health

Many elders struggle with the decision of staying home or moving to a nursing home. Usually seniors choose Privat omsorg because they do not want to leave the house where they have so many memories. As long as the seniors do not suffer from serious conditions and do not want to abandon their home, home care is the best choice. The place where they spend their time has a big impact upon their physical and mental health, it can deteriorate or improve their state, so it is important for them to feel comfortable and happy.

When is a nursing home needed?

A nursing home is the place where people who suffer from severe illnesses, disabilities or individuals who require a high level of medical care go to receive assistance. For example, a person who suffered a minor injury can return home and receive Hjemmesykepleie while recovering. On the other hand, a heart attack could make someone too ill to return home, so nursing home is the best solution until the person gets better. It is important to know what type of assistance the seniors need in order to choose a suitable option for their needs.

Both options offer benefits

Before deciding which is the best option, it is important to choose the right team of skilled people who can offer their best services. Privat hjemmehjelp is provided by professionals like: registered nurses, audiologists and medical directors but also nursing homes provide specialists that offer great care. One of the benefits of nursing homes is that the seniors will live in a social environment where they can share their experiences with other people. Many places organize social events where seniors can participate.

Choose an affordable option

One of the benefits of the Hjemmesykepleie Oslo is that it is more affordable than a nursing home. The caregiver offers high-quality services and the budget is lower. Sometimes it is more expensive for the seniors to receive healthcare in a nursing home, and if it is not necessary to stay there, receiving services at home is affordable and comfortable.

Home care keeps families together

Another benefit of home care is that it keeps the family members united. There is nothing more heart breaking than knowing that someone you love is away.  Receiving medical care at home helps the seniors recover in the comfort of their own home. They have the feeling of independence, which helps them keep and improve their physical and mental health.

In order to decide what option is the most suitable for you or your loved ones, you have to think about the pros and cons of both alternative and decide what is the best thing to do.

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Reasons why you should definitely have a hen party in Newcastle

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Reasons why you should definitely have a hen party in Newcastle

These days, the hen party is just as important as getting married. This is not the time to re-evaluate the hen do. You have spent months planning the perfect wedding, making sure you get right every detail, and you deserve to relax. Spending a few days chilling at the spa or crawling bars will do you a world of good. Your significant other will have a bachelor party, so why shouldn’t you have a pre-wedding celebration?

Yes, you should celebrate in big style before becoming a married woman. But where? There’s no better place to party with your female friends than Newcastle. Newcastle is one of UK’s leading party cities and for good reason. Alcohol is much cheaper, not to mention the square metres of beautiful white sand. Hen nights in Newcastle are memorable. Still, if you’re not convinced you should have a hen do in Newcastle, check out what we have to say.


Creating lasting memories

There’s nothing better than a night out in Newcastle. You will have the time of your life in this premier party city and, most importantly, you will create lasting memories. Not even the next day hangover will erase the beautiful moments you have lived. Although Newcastle is not exotic as the Maldives, it certainly is alluring. A great thing you can do is immortalise the hen night moments with your camera. Or with your phone.

Loads of things to do with your hens

Don’t have inspirational ideas for your hen day activity? No problem. You are in Newcastle and there are lots of things you and your girl friends can do. For example, you can get behind the mic. You don’t have to worry that you don’t have a singing voice. Almost no one who takes part in karaoke night doesn’t. The best thing is that you can enjoy the karaoke experience in a recording studio. Most Newcastle recording studios will open their doors to you.

Another thing you can do is see a cabaret show. Male strip shows are full of six-packs and other things, so they are not to be missed. If this doesn’t tempt you, you can just spend our time at the bar. Or take a stroll along the beach. Inspiration is at every corner, so you won’t have to worry your head about what to do with your hens.

No need for planning

Planning a weekend is far from being easy, but fortunately there’s no planning involved when it comes to a Newcastle hen night. You are celebrating with your female friends and anyone of them can take control. Yes, you don’t have to make all the decisions.

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Transform your garden into a slice of Heaven

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Transform your garden into a slice of Heaven


Think about the idea of having your own personal space where you can read, relax after a long day, or do activities with your family in the comfort of your own home. A garden, as the rest of a house should be personalised based on your personal tastes and needs. You can search for  landscape products to help you personalise your little slice of Heaven.

Gravel paths for a sophisticated aspect

Gravel always gave a note of elegance thanks to its texture. It is stylish, profitable and it gives an exquisite look to your patio. There are different styles and sizes you can choose from. You can even try phosphorescent gravel, the latest invention when it comes to decorating your garden. It is made of glass and pieces of plastic obtained from recycling materials.

Choose artificial lawn

One of the most important advantages of artificial lawn is that it lasts long and it always has a nice, tidy aspect. It does not require high maintenance like natural grass, so instead of mowing the lawn and water it you can use this time to relax or do activities that you like.

A space for the children

It is very healthy for your children to spend time outdoors, playing or just enjoying the sun and fresh air. You can build or buy a small wooden house, place some slides and swings and the playground is ready. Not to mention it is an ideal place for when you want to organize parties for them.

Use some furniture

Furniture is necessary when it comes to gardens. It is perfect for tea parties, meals or having a drink with your friends. The type of the furniture that you use has a big impact on the garden’s aspect so make sure you use one that matches the rest of the décor .You can choose from different materials, styles, shapes and sizes.

Appropriate lighting

Lighting, apart from being useful creates a unique atmosphere. Whether it is a hot summer night or a cold winter afternoon, the lights you use have a big impact on your garden and even make it look bigger. The style of the garden lights can be connected to the interior ones.

It is easy to arrange your own garden especially when there are so many ideas that could inspire you. Just think about what you like and need in order to choose what suits you best.



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