Installing a new roof during winter: is it a good idea?

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Installing a new roof during winter: is it a good idea?

Generally, homeowners realize that they have to install a new roof after noticing some warning signs, which consist in buckling or missing shingles, sunlight penetrating the roof boards, water damage, mold growth, debris in gutters, rotting underlay and falling mortar. Moreover, the homeowner should already predict a roof replacement if the house is quite old. Nevertheless, experts recommend a bi-annual self inspection, especially after harsh weather conditions. The purpose of such an examination is to discover early signs and have enough time to plan the entire process, which even though it does not last more than three days, it requires a significant financial investment that some people cannot afford. For this reason, those who consider themselves handy prefer to tackle this task on their own without seeking roof replacement service Minnesota MN. The need of installing a new roof can surface any time of the year, even during the cold season. Would you dare to initiate this project during winter?


If the roof replacement project cannot wait, go for it

Experts’ advice is clear: constructing a new roof is a job that requires warm temperatures and dry atmosphere. However, people who live in regions characterized by dampness can only dream of these perfect conditions and as mentioned above, sometimes roof replacement needs to be completed against heavy odds. Once you notice the alarming signs enumerated at the beginning of the article, your main goal is to prevent the roof from falling over you. Therefore, finding a competent roofer becomes fundamental. If the situation calls for it, you can install a new roof during the cold months as long as you take the necessary precautions. The reality is that roof replacement during winter comes with benefits and drawbacks. Starting with the bright side, taking into account that spring and fall represents the most popular seasons for home improvements, roofing companies are naturally busy. This means that if you contact a roofer during winter season, you will receive a faster answer, not to mention that you could also pay less. Roofers do not hesitate when it comes to taking advantage of winter specials meaning that they source materials at better prices so this helps you, as a client, as well.

Just make sure that you are fully aware of the challenges posed by the weather

Those homeowners who are planning to sell their house during the spring season also have to tackle this job in the cold months of winter to ensure its excellent condition and get an attractive offer. The truth is that, when facing cold temperatures, certain roofing materials become more difficult to handle, which will automatically prolong the process. Depending on the type of roof you choose to install, you have to discuss with the company about the challenging nature of the project. You might even receive professional advice regarding the most durable yet affordable type of roofing material you should choose between the options available in stores. As a bonus tip, asphalt shingles and metal roofs represent the most logical and popular choices, particularly during winter season.