Helping your kid pass the 11 plus entrance exam

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Helping your kid pass the 11 plus entrance exam


The 11 plus exam was introduced in 1944 for the purpose of testing student’s ability to use verbal reasoning and mathematics. This examination is considered the gateway to an exceptional academic future, so if you want your child to get into grammar school, you need to get your child tutored for the Eleven Plus. Although many admission schools say that it is not necessary to prepare for this selection test, it is in fact. The 11 plus exam is “horribly difficult”, at least that is what most people say. What is certain is that the test is gruelling and that competition for a place in top schools is fierce. Looking into 11 plus tutors Harrow is the best thing you can do for your child.

To tutor or not to tutor?

All parents want their kids to get into a good grammar schools, considering that there are very few ones left in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, some parents are desperate to see their offspring in a school that focuses on traditional teaching and, most importantly, offer the same kind of opportunities that private schools offer. What they do is hire tutors for their kids ahead of time. However, do you really need a tutor for your child? You should because in school your kid does not learn things like verbal reasoning or advanced mathematics. Simply put, you would not be doing him/her a big disfavour. Besides teaching the essential knowledge, a tutor prepares the student mentally for the examination.

How to choose a 11 plus tutor

To make sure that your kid does not miss out on his/her school place, you need to start looking for a tutor. A good place to start is to contact a learning centre. Another thing you can do is talk to friends whose children have already taken the Eleven Plus examination. Keep in mind that not all tests are the same, which is why you should look for a private teacher that can prepare you offspring for the specific test. For example, examinations for secondary schools are not identical to those for independent schools.

If you are looking for a tutor, you should focus your attention on local private teachers as the most well-renowned ones will already be busy. The last thing you want to do is leave your kid without support, so start looking early.