Transform your garden into a slice of Heaven

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Transform your garden into a slice of Heaven


Think about the idea of having your own personal space where you can read, relax after a long day, or do activities with your family in the comfort of your own home. A garden, as the rest of a house should be personalised based on your personal tastes and needs. You can search for  landscape products to help you personalise your little slice of Heaven.

Gravel paths for a sophisticated aspect

Gravel always gave a note of elegance thanks to its texture. It is stylish, profitable and it gives an exquisite look to your patio. There are different styles and sizes you can choose from. You can even try phosphorescent gravel, the latest invention when it comes to decorating your garden. It is made of glass and pieces of plastic obtained from recycling materials.

Choose artificial lawn

One of the most important advantages of artificial lawn is that it lasts long and it always has a nice, tidy aspect. It does not require high maintenance like natural grass, so instead of mowing the lawn and water it you can use this time to relax or do activities that you like.

A space for the children

It is very healthy for your children to spend time outdoors, playing or just enjoying the sun and fresh air. You can build or buy a small wooden house, place some slides and swings and the playground is ready. Not to mention it is an ideal place for when you want to organize parties for them.

Use some furniture

Furniture is necessary when it comes to gardens. It is perfect for tea parties, meals or having a drink with your friends. The type of the furniture that you use has a big impact on the garden’s aspect so make sure you use one that matches the rest of the décor .You can choose from different materials, styles, shapes and sizes.

Appropriate lighting

Lighting, apart from being useful creates a unique atmosphere. Whether it is a hot summer night or a cold winter afternoon, the lights you use have a big impact on your garden and even make it look bigger. The style of the garden lights can be connected to the interior ones.

It is easy to arrange your own garden especially when there are so many ideas that could inspire you. Just think about what you like and need in order to choose what suits you best.



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Learn about appliances that use solar energy

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Learn about appliances that use solar energy


Nowadays, technology has evolved to the point where most of the activities humans used to perform around the house are now made automatically, using robots and appliances. And while it is true that all these machines can make our life easy, on the long term, they affect the environment we live in, because they use resources in order to work properly. Fortunately, there seems to be a solution for this problem: solar power. Raising awareness about global warming and other environmental issues is a process that has started years ago by NGOs and authorities, and the results are quite beneficial. A good example is that more and more manufacturers are creating perfectly functional devices that do not require traditional energy, which is a great way to support sustainable initiatives. So, if you want to contribute to making the world a better place, then you should start by replacing conventional appliances with some that use solar energy instead. Here is our list of machines that you probably did not know existed in a sustainable version:

Solar bug zappers

Yes, believe it or not, those lamp look alike objects you place around your garden to scare away bugs waste a lot of energy. The good news is that they also come in a more environment friendly version so that you can get your solar bug zapper that is just as efficient as a traditional one. Needless to say, it works just as any other device powered by the sun. Now you can say goodbye to annoying mosquitos and flies on those warm summer nights spent outside, because these garden lamps that cause no harm to the environment will take care of making insects go away. Place them on the patio or on the walkway and forget about your bug related worries. The time spent outdoor has never been more pleasant: no “buzz” and no harmful emissions.

Solar air conditioning

As its name says, solar air conditioning is a complex cooling system that uses only natural sources of energy. Unlike conventional HVAC ensembles, this system produces no emissions that damage the environment, while delivering the exact same results. Given the dimensions of this machine, it requires a more complex structure that can perform solar thermal energy conversion and photovoltaic conversion, which means transforming sunlight into electricity. Although installing an air conditioning system powered by the sun can seem odd, keep in mind that there is a special program supported by authorities, to encourage innovation for sustainable purposes.

Solar chimney

This could make you think about a traditional chimney that comes as an addition to a fire place, but unlike the above mentioned system, things are slightly different here. The solar chimney, also known as a “thermal chimney” is just the vertical shaft that is installed to streamline natural ventilation inside a house. Clearly, it uses sunlight in order to enhance air flow through the building: through the stack effect, heat warms a certain amount of air, which is then pushed up, thus making room for outside air to go inside the building.


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Working on a segment quickly developing – Artificial grass installer

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Working on a segment quickly developing – Artificial grass installer


As you might have noticed, the artificial grass industry is a quickly developing one, many choosing this alternative to others because of a series of reasons. This type of grass is pet and children friendly, it does now require special attention, like mowing, watering and maintenance. Besides, owners of these kinds of lawns don’t have to worry about mud and dirt. And, since this domain is continuously developing, it is understandable why many choose to become a grono approved installer. But let’s see what you should know a job like this before deciding for a training provider.

1. Follow specialised training courses

Working for a professional company in the field means you have to previously obtain some kind of certificate in order to perform this job. However, many of the companies in the field do organize periodic training courses for those interested in becoming professional lawn installers. It would be best to do some research before signing up for these courses. First of all, research the company organising them, see their financial sheets, if possible. This way, you will make a vague idea regarding the number of orders they have in a year’s interval. A company with stability on the market is always better.

2. Choose a company you picture yourself working for

For your training courses, it would be the best to choose not only the company with stability on the market, but one who is rumoured to take great care for their employees. You might be aware about the fact that companies organising such courses usually hire a couple of their former trainees for full-time steady jobs. You don’t want to sign a working contract with a questionable company.

3. See if the company organising the courses is focused on practical experiences

Of course, theoretical knowledge is useful in the incipient phase of your training. Afterwards, the company organising the training must create their courses in such a manner they are focused on developing practical skills in their trainees. For instance, knowing how the adhesives are applied properly, proper cuts around alleys or trees, and similar aspects are useful if one wants to truly perform in the field after finishing their courses. Therefore, make sure you document yourself well regarding the entity organizing the courses.

These are three big tips every aspiring artificial lawn installer should pay attention to before deciding what training provider they should work with. Of course, there are a couple of important aspects, such as if they are authorised in qualifying personnel, if they are offering a certificate that recognises you as a professional lawn installer, and so on. Do your research well and do not rush too much, even if the time is pressuring you. Certain companies organise this kind of courses multiple times a year and even if you cannot decide for the coming course, maybe you are ready for the following. Make sure you follow these pieces of advice, document yourself well, and good luck!


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