Fancy ways to wear bows in your hair

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Fancy ways to wear bows in your hair

Now that the summer comes, you may be looking for new ways to style your hair. It is the perfect time of the year to try new hairstyles, but you may lack inspiration. This year the great trend is to wear hair accessories, but you are aware that you cannot try any type of accessory, because you will not look professional at the office. Therefore, if you want to find the perfect hairstyle that allows you to wear accessories, you should consider buying some cute polka dot ribbon, because you will need it to create bows. You may think that only young girls wear bows in their hair these days, but there are ways you can accessorise it to your hairstyles, and not look childish at all.


How not to wear a ribbon bow in your hair

For being sure that you will not be considered unprofessional, when you wear bows in your hair at the work, you should make sure you follow these rules. You should never place them on the top of your head, because you will be looking like Pebbles and you do not want people to associate you with the Flintstones cartoons. Also, it is not advisable to wear the bows close to your face, and try not to choose a larger model.

How to wear ribbons in your hair

Some of women’s favourite hairstyles imply using bows when they wear their hair in a side braid or in a top knot. When it comes to the top know, you should opt for the loose, messy bun, because it is easier to include the bow into a fun hairstyle. If you opt for a side braid, then you should learn to make a Dutch braid. You can braid only ¾ from your hair, and let the curls flow on the other part of the bow.

Half up hairstyles are amazing

If you want to opt for a simple but beautiful hairstyle, then you should choose the half-up half-down one. You can twist the upper part of the hair on the back, and tie the parts with a bow. So there is nothing else to be done, than just to twist your hair, and use a few bobby pins. If you are looking for a simple and elegant look, then you can opt for a side hairstyle. You only have to pull your hair into a deep side on a part, and to place the bow on one of the sides. The choice is up to you.

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The amazing power of a wedding suit

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The amazing power of a wedding suit


There are many men who claim that they feel rather confused when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for their wedding. But neglecting this aspect is not the right solution because the outfit that you hire has greater power than you imagine. Here are some things that may surprise you.

It makes you feel in the spotlight

The wedding is probably one of the most elegant events that you have to attend. Thus, wearing a suit is the perfect outfit. In case you feel like you cannot find anything that suits you, you can try asking for the services of a company which offers outfits for hiring. It is also a money-saving solution which can make you organise your budget better. Thus, do not waste time and search for cheap wedding suit hire. Then choose the option which is right for you.

It can make you feel like a stylish person

If the suit is properly chosen you can look like a stylish person. But, be careful. In order to make sure that everything will go well, you have to check the availability of the suits on time and also the size. You cannot show up wearing a larger suit or a smaller one because you will look ridiculous. What is more, take into consideration that if you choose the right company, they will return to collect the outfit. Thus, you do not even have to worry that you will have to take it back. On the other hand, checking the trends is also recommended.

It can help you stand out

But, in order to do that, you need an out of the ordinary wedding suit. Do not choose regular colours such as black or grey because it is your only chance to go for something different. Of course, do not neglect the fact that the suit should be matched with the dress of your bride. Thus, it is highly recommended to ask for her opinion before choosing anything.

It can make you fit in

In case your bride decides to choose a theme for the wedding such as the 70s or the 20s, it would be difficult to find a suit that is a perfect choice for it. Thus, a good idea is trying to hiring it. There are companies which have plenty of models.

It can be your lucky amulet

Are you a superstitious person when it comes to your wedding? Well, in case you are, you should know that the wedding suit can be your lucky amulet.







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The advantages of buying second hand clothes

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The advantages of buying second hand clothes

When it comes to clothes, there are two categories of people. The first one is represented by those who want to keep up with trends and who feel the need to buy everything that’s new on the market, whereas the second category is represented by those who prefer an original style.

According to specialists, the ones from the last category have more chances to be appreciated because they usually invest in an original style and they don’t feel ashamed to buy from second hand stores. Actually, if you ask the experts from the fashion domain they will tell you that buying clothes from second hands can offer you a lot of advantages. This is the reason why we provide you a list with the most important of them.

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