First time sewing machine buyer – Things you should know

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First time sewing machine buyer – Things you should know


Owning a sewing machine can be more than useful. You can fix for yourself a variety of clothing items, you can create your own and you can craft and design almost anything, from curtains, let’s say, to your children’s toys. However, if you are not familiar with sewing machines and their specifications, you might find it difficult to choose for right one for your necessities. The best thing you can do is to visit some opinion pages like and see some of their attributes and owner’s opinions on them. However, before deciding to buy your first sewing machine, you must take into account some variables. Below you can find a small guide of things you should pay attention to before deciding for a certain model.

Always bear in mind your budget

As a first time buyer sewing machine, it is necessary to establish a moderate budget. You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts from the start, because of a series of reasons. First, you don’t know if you are going to use it. Second, as a first time buyer, most probably you lack the skill to create extraordinary items. Therefore, we recommend sticking to an entry-level sewing machine. However, before proceeding to do so, it would be better to check review online on each of them.  Additionally, you don’t want to spend less. A poorly made sewing machine will only last a year, tops, and another investment of this kind will be a hard decision to make. Consider buying a decent one from the start and stick to your budget as well.

Think about your necessities

First, bear in mind the type of stiches you want to create with your new acquisition. For a decent beginner-level work, you practically need only straight stiches and zigzags. Therefore, a pretty basic sewing machine will probably do the job. Of you aim to specialize in the matter and become so experienced to create complicated items, requiring complicated stiches, you could go a bit higher with your expectations. Some sewing machines have even 200 stiches styles and they can meet the needs of experienced tailors. However, we do not recommend going for such devices from the start. Choose a medium device and see how you get along with it. In time, you can make further investments in your passion.

Bear in mind that you’ll need accessories for your machine

Some come in the same set with your sewing machine some can be bought separately. Pay great attention to those included in your pack and see if the ones lacking are sold separately. Presser feet are the one little accessory you will mostly need. Therefore, you should go for a sewing machine with a decent selection of those.

Here are some aspects you should think about before buying your first sewing machine. Bear in mind your budget, some of its technical specifications and accessories included in the pack. Moreover, maybe one of the most important things you should do is checking some reviews for each of the sewing machines you consider buying.


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