Why Alcohol Is the World’s Most Dangerous Drug

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Why Alcohol Is the World’s Most Dangerous Drug


Here is a quick question – which drug would you believe to be the most harmful in the world? It is the kind of topic everybody has their own opinion on, but regarding the hard facts and statistics, there is no disputing the fact that alcohol tops the table by far. Recent research has shown that close to 90% of individuals will drink alcohol during their lifetime, with no less than 70% of men drinking alcohol at least once each week.

Naturally, moderate and careful alcohol consumption has the potential to be, to a large extent, harmless. Nonetheless, you only need to think about the thousands of people up and down the United Kingdom seeking private alcohol rehab clinics these days to figure out that alcohol is indeed exponentially more harmful than most realise.

But what is the reason? What is it about alcohol that has made it even more harmful and dangerous than the deadliest drugs on the planet:

1 – Freely Available

First up, there is the way in which alcohol is perhaps the single most freely available and readily accessible recreational drug on the face of the earth. Nowadays, no matter where you are, what exactly you want, how much money you have available or what time of the night or day it is, alcohol is available on a 24/7 basis. Not only does this motivate round-the-clock alcohol purchases and consumption, but also provides the public with all the more reason to think that as it’s readily available, it can’t be that dangerous.

2 – It Destroys Happiness

Recent studies found that in a rather terrifying proportion of cases, everything from neurosis to depression to drug addiction to divorce in some way stem from alcohol misuse. It has been determined that globally, there is simply no other drug more capable of killing happiness and triggering negative consequences than alcohol. Even without considering alcohol addiction, it’s still the drug that destroys happiness more comprehensively and routinely than any other.

3 – It’s a Global Killer

Studies have shown that alcohol still remains the number one cause of death for UK adults between 16 and 60 years old. In the United States, around 90,000 people lose their lives every year to alcohol misuse and abuse. Even more terrifyingly, at least one individual is killed by an intoxicated driver in the US every 50 minutes. And when it comes to economic impact, this on-going and incredible tragedy costs the United States government in excess of $60 billion every year.
Statistics show that on average 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in drink drive collisions and nearly one in six of all deaths on the road involve drivers who are over the legal alcohol limit.

4 – Assault Rates

It is not only personal health that represents a huge concern when it comes to alcohol misuse. It’s also widely known and documented that assault rates and alcohol are directly linked. According to research carried out by Harvard scientists, campuses, communities and regions where binge drinking is common have some of the highest rates of sexual and physical assault – over and above regions where binge drinking rates are lower. Violence and alcohol are directly associated in a way that simply can’t be compared to any other recreational drug.

5 – Hypocrisy

Another common reason why alcohol remains such a huge global threat is the way in which both the governmental authorities and media are so extremely biased and hypocritical. Such an incredible amount of effort, time and money are invested in the kinds of law enforcement strategies, public health campaigns and general government muscle-flexing that are targeting each and every recreational drug that is not currently taxed. Nonetheless, considering the fact that the government makes such an incredible amount of money from taxing alcohol, they seem to have no issue putting it in the hands of the public for pennies. So once again, one is led to believe that alcohol is a harmless drug, when it’s in fact quite the opposite.

6 – Leading By Example

Last up, it is quite inevitable that alcohol will continue to be the same direct and extensive threat to society for many decades to come. The reason is that while today’s heavy drinking culture is harmful enough, it’s also setting a truly terrifying example for the next generations. It is one thing to increase public understanding and education, but it will always be the personal example we set that will have the greatest influence over teenagers and young adults. If we do nothing but sweep the dangers of alcohol consumption under the rug, we can’t expect the next generations to do anything but the same.



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How to Cope with Anxiety Attacks

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How to Cope with Anxiety Attacks


Make no mistake about it – anxiety attacks are truly horrible. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise has obviously never really experienced one. Contrary to what many people believe, an anxiety attack is not just a case where a person suddenly becomes unnecessarily and overly anxious. It’s a sudden and uncontrollable wave of intense panic, which brings along a huge array of debilitating physical symptoms.

When an anxiety attack strikes, it’s very common to experience symptoms like an elevated pulse, nausea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, disorientation, breathlessness, dry mouth and sweating. Worse still, it could actually make you feel as if you’ve become detached from the real world, that you’re about to lose consciousness or maybe even have a heart attack and die. And while most anxiety attacks usually fade within 10 to 15 minutes, it’s also quite possible for a severe attack to go on for over an hour.

How to Deal with a Panic Attack

When it comes to what exactly to do, the large majority of professionals agree that it’s in fact fear of anxiety attacks themselves that could be the most debilitating and damaging of all. The reason is that the more anxious and worried one becomes about anxiety attacks, the higher the likelihood that they will experience one. Which in turn means that if one is prone to anxiety attacks and spends plenty of time thinking about them, chances are they will have more of them.

Naturally, the whole “mind over matter” method tends to be easier said than done. It is one thing to realise you should not be spending a lot of time worrying about anxiety attacks, but in fact doing so might be a different story completely. Nevertheless, if you can change the way you think regarding panic attacks and how they personally affect you, you might find it easier to cope with them in general.

Counselling is nowadays a realistic choice for any person. From addiction counsellors in Canterbury to the best anxiety counsellors in Kent, deciding where to find counselling might be crucial in severe cases, but self-management is nevertheless a realistic choice for many people.

For instance, professionals base the large majority of their advice and treatment methods on one point – anxiety attacks can’t hurt you. More precisely, anxiety attacks are temporary in nature and the symptoms you go through are in no way a sign of anything harmful happening to you. Even if it feels like you might need an ambulance at the time, there’s in reality nothing negative going on behind the scenes.

One of the most serious mistakes people affected by anxiety attacks usually make is that of sensing the initial symptoms of an anxiety attack approaching and instantly trying to stop them. They feel the symptoms, their panic levels quickly grow and they find themselves in a loop, wherein their fear of the anxiety attack is actually making it worse.

As far as the professionals are concerned, the answer doesn’t lie in looking for ways to distract yourself, but instead trying to ride out the attack. Whatever you are doing at the moment, the best piece of advice is to simply carry on doing it and accept the attack for what it is. Put simply, rather than trying your best to prevent the anxiety attack from happening, it is usually much more effective to focus on dealing with the symptoms.

Naturally, if you are doing anything even remotely dangerous at the time – driving a vehicle for example – it might be a good idea to pull into a safe spot and allow yourself some time for the anxiety to pass. The reason is that while there’s nothing inherently harmful about the symptoms of an anxiety attack, this doesn’t mean your judgment will not be affected negatively during an episode of extreme panic.

If you’re able to determine the exact cause of your panic attacks, you will have an excellent opportunity to prevent them or limit them by directly dealing with the particular issue. If, on the other hand, you are not able to explain what causes your panic attacks and they seem to appear out of nowhere, it’s usually advisable to keep your focus on dealing with them, as opposed to fighting them.

In all such cases however, it could be highly beneficial to think about speaking with a capable counsellor at the earliest possible time. There is every likelihood that the answer to your issues is significantly simpler than you have thought.



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Pay attention to these aspects when hiring tracked access platforms

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Pay attention to these aspects when hiring tracked access platforms


Fixing a roof can be one quite challenging and even dangerous task even for those who handle this kind of work on a regular basis. In order to make things easier and stay safe, it is recommended that you use a spider lift, also known as specialist tracked platform. There are many companies that provide tracked access platform hire services, but how do you know you have selected the right company? Here are some useful tips you should consider when you do your research.

Opt for professional services only

One of the most important aspects you should keep in mind when it comes to hiring a spider lift to help you do the repairing or fixing tasks is to ensure the company you are about to resort to is a professional one, with good reputation in the industry. This can easily be checked simply by doing some online research and learning more about the specific company. Read people’s testimonials, reviews and comments related to that firm to see whether people who have worked with it in the past were pleased with the provided services.

Ensure they provide high quality equipment

A professional and self-respecting spider lift hire company will always provide its customers with equipment of the highest quality. They will always do regular check-ups in order to make sure the spider lifts and the rest of their equipment is well maintained and works properly. Ask the company more details about how often they do these check-ups and how often they change the worn-out pieces.

Carefully read the contract

Before you sign any contract with a spider lift hire company, it is strongly recommended that you carefully read it, even that writing in the bottom of the page. Make sure there are no hidden contractual clauses that you do not agree with and find out only after signing the contract. In case you have any questions, you should not hesitate asking them, whether they are related to the duration of the contract, to the equipment or to any other aspects you may be interested in. The company should be willing to provide you with all the necessary details and should make things clear for you.

All in all, everyone interested in resorting to the services of a spider lift hire company should pay great attention to these aspects before signing any contract if they really want to benefit from the best results.

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